About me

Hi, there! My name is Raphael Krut-Landau. I live in beautiful Philadelphia, where I teach philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. I also write about European philosophy's early modern period, roughly 1600 to 1800.

I grew up in a few different places — north London, southern Maine, and the New York area. Maybe this transnational childhood is why I’m so bewitched by philosophers who think of themselves as belonging to multiple worlds. I have been concentrating on Benedict de Spinoza, a migrant philosopher.

If you would like to chat, don’t hesitate to email me at raphael.kl@gmail.com.

My research

We can better appreciate the strength of Spinoza’s masterpiece, the Ethics, once we see that he is trying to portray how the world looks to someone who is undergoing a spiritual transformation. Or so I argue in Spinoza on Becoming Eternal, a book in progress.

Some recent news:

I am now working on several essays, including:

My teaching

I have taught five courses at the University of Pennsylvania: Ethics and Language, Topics in Ethics: Love and Sex, Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, and Philosophy of Social Science.

In the spring of 2013, I co-taught a course in modern political thought at a youth correctional facility.

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Send me a message or an email at raphael.kl@gmail.com.